Enjoy a cup of paradise from
our Ohana to you!
    Jungle’s Edge Coffee Company is family owned and operated
    producing 100% Kona Coffee.  We work hard to ensure that
    the coffee grown on our farm follows the Kona tradition for
    producing smooth, rich coffee. It all starts with the "aina" or
    land. Our farm had been used for cattle ranching decades prior
    and was sorely overgrown.
    Teaming up with renowned coffee expert George Yasuda, we
    set out to create a “park-like” orchard that would nurture the
    coffee and restore the land. Careful to preserve the natural
    surroundings, planting areas were sculpted around large
    native Ohia trees which would provide shade for the coffee
    as well as homes for rare birds. After nearly a year of
    clearing and planting, the farm is now home to approximately
    7,000 coffee trees.
    Jungle's Edge Coffee Company is doing our part to help
    preserve the fragile Hawaiian ecosystem. We utilize a water
    catchment system to capture rainwater for irrigation to
    reduce our impact on the Island's limited water supply.
    Native trees are being replanted to provide habitat for rare
    birds and butterflies. A constant effort to eradicate invasive
    plant species is underway to further restore the land. We also
    work with the local Humane Society to control feral cat
    populations which decimate native birds.
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Photos provided by Mary Buckley